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by Listener Archive / 26 February, 2005

The Corporation (Madman) is a beautifully crafted two-hour-25-minute doco attempting to explain just what makes its title creature tick. And why the tick is more than likely that of a timebomb. Using talking heads (Naomi Klein, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky and a whole raft of CEOs and other animals), archival footage and their own occasional constructs, the team of director Mark Achbar (who also made Manufacturing Consent), editor Jennifer Abbott and writer Joel Bakan have created a compelling case for their main premise that the corporation = the psychopath.

Hey, that's a bit tough, ain't it?!

Not the way these guys tell it.

Two commentaries (listen to the film-makers first), five and a half hours of extra interviews (!) and another hour or so of odds and sods, plus a stellar 16 x 9 transfer make up a package that'll keep you seething for weeks.

Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (Paramount) is a much less artful - and four minutes shorter - view of reality. The makers of Brothers Keeper and the Paradise Lost films spent two years with the world's biggest rock band and were there for the singer's meltdown and disappearance, the therapy that failed to prevent this - yet kept the band from imploding - and their eventual struggle to complete the album for which this was intended to be a promo.

Reviewers and friends led me to expect a Spinal Tap level of stupidity and, although there are moments that approach it, that is not fair to this film, this band or their - admittedly often irritating - therapist.

It is, in reality, a story of real courage, honesty and trust. I applaud the band - to whom I've never previously consciously listened - for letting this beast out into the world and the film-makers for creating something this cohesive out of 1600 hours of tape ... Hours of extremely worthwhile extras.

Terrible lyrics ...

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