An lms for a tbh, and other reasons to despair

by Toby Manhire / 12 December, 2011
The Facebook data geeks unveil "Memology 2011", with hideous neologisms and a cameo for John Key.

Hold on to your proverbial seats, it’s time for "Memology 2011", in which Facebook "digs through the data to identify the top trending cultural phenomena of the year". There’s a mention for New Zealand in there – under “planking”.

The meme “exploded”, apparently, “after Max Key, the son of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, posted a Facebook photo of himself planking in the family lounge with his father in the background.”

If that’s not enough to make you bury your Facebook down the bottom of a nearby gully, try this: the fastest growing meme (as it is described by Facebook’s resident memologist, Jonathan Chang), is “lms”. What? “’Lms’, short for ‘like my status’, is an invitation to Facebook friends to like something (‘lms if u find this funny!’).”

The second fastest growing meme? “Tbh” – a perfectly innocuous shorthand for to be honest. Except, on Planet Zuckerberg, apparently, “now it's often used in conjunction with ‘lms’ to give honest feedback about friends – the most iconic status update for 2011 was ‘lms for a tbh’.”

Truly a sentence to behold. “The most iconic status update for 2011 was ‘lms for a tbh’.”

(via Gawker)
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