TV & Radio Thursday November 3

by Fiona Rae / 03 November, 2011
The NZ Music Awards, live from the cavernous Vector Arena, and the return of Chuck. Again.


NB: If you’re wondering why the TV listings in the November 5 issue of the Listener say “To Be Advised” at 4.55pm every day this week, and at 7.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, it’s because TVNZ haven’t decided what to do with the timeslot formerly occupied by Coronation Street yet. Unfortunately, they won’t be making a decision until next week, so our November 12 listings will also carry the legend “To Be Advised”.

Auckland Daze (TVNZ Ondemand, from 5.00pm). It’s episode two of the web-only comedy series, and it’s not like you have to worry about missing the first episode, because it’s online! Truly, we live in the future. The comedy is something of an Auckland actors’ in-joke, but mildly amusing nonetheless: Millen Baird plays a doofus male model whose mates are Jimmy the dwarf entertainer, Glen the ninja stuntman, and Fasi the try-hard actor. It’s a chance for many a cameo from Auckland’s acting fraternity too: episode one featured Antonia Prebble, Robbie Magasiva and Will Hall, among others, while the cast includes Natalie Medlock from Shortland Street and Jennifer Ward-Lealand.

MasterChef Australia (TV1, 7.30pm). The final of the Aussie version of MasterChef, so perhaps after tonight we can have some clarity about what is going to happen to the Tuesday and Thursday 7.30pm timeslots, formerly occupied by Coronation Street. Since the swap, ratings have fallen for both shows. TVNZ says it won’t make a decision until next week, but will they buckle and put Coro back? It would make a lot of people very happy.

2011 New Zealand Music Awards (Four, 8.00pm). Auckland’s Vector Arena is a fairly cavernous and unengaging venue for the annual Music Awards, but it does illustrate just how far they’ve come; instead of a do just for the industry and various hangers-on, it’s now a televised public event featuring the industry and various hangers-on. Shannon Ryan and Ben Boyce are the hosts, with Drew Neemia and Sharyn Wakefield behind the scenes. The Naked and Famous have the most nominations (six); other nominees include Ladi6, Brooke Fraser, David Dallas and Tiki Taane. The Naked and Famous and Ladi6 will perform, as will Brooke Fraser, Tiki Taane and Avalanche City. The recipient of the NZ Herald Legacy Award is Dragon.

Media 7 (TVNZ 7, Sky 077, 9.05pm). A Christchurch special this week, with a look at the media coverage then and now of the earthquakes. The team are at the launch of digital repository CEISMIC, which tells the stories of the people who endured the quakes. Press photographer Dean Kozanic discusses the decision to exclude photojournalists from the Red Zone in favour of official photographers; film-maker Gerard Smyth talks about his documentary When a City Falls; and a look the "book fridge", which filled the gap left by the temporary closure of Christchurch's central library.

Chuck (TV2, 10.30pm). We were wondering where Chuck went, although it wasn’t exactly keeping us up at night. The spy-fi series is a bit too lightweight, although enjoyable enough at the time. We pick up the series in season four, episode 11, in which Chuck, Casey and Sarah are on a mission in France – the perfect place for Chuck to pop to question. To Sarah that is. Not Casey.


Fish Tank (Rialto, Sky 025, 6.30pm). The Bafta-winner that features an extraordinary performance from complete unknown Katie Jarvis, who was found by one of director Andrea Arnold’s assistants arguing with her boyfriend in a railway station. No-one does social realism like the British, and Arnold is Ken Loach’s natural successor, said the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw. Michael Fassbender (most recently in X-Men: First Class and Jane Eyre) is brilliant as the new boyfriend who develops a complicated relationship with the 15-year-old Mia (Jarvis). (2009) 9


Music Alive (Radio New Zealand Concert, 8.00pm). Gustav Mahler’s mighty Symphony No 9 in D gets an airing in tonight’s Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra concert, conducted by Eckehard Stier, coming direct from the Auckland Town Hall. It’s said the composer was superstitious about writing a ninth symphony, fearing that it would be his last, as it had been for Beethoven and Bruckner. He was right to be afraid, as it was. – Diana Balham
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