“We needed her and she left us ... This is B.S.”

by Toby Manhire / 06 October, 2011
Sarah Palin supporters respond on Facebook to news she's not running for the presidency. They're not happy.

Understandably enough, Sarah Palin’s supporters are disappointed by her decision not to run for president. Some are sympathetic and supportive; some are angry; others feel downright betrayed.

Palin's Facebook page is always busy – in the last hour it’s been moving faster than an Alaskan husky. Here is a selection of comments from her wall.


I'm done. Off to find a real leader. Rick Emond

I weep for my country. Sharon Bray-Mcpherson



I feel like I take punches for you all the time. I stand up for you, your record and when you are treated badly I feel that too. You were my Governor and I even supported you when you resigned. I don't have a candidate now and don't think I will be working for any of these semi-conservatives. I'm just so disappointed and am wondering if this is the chain pulling I can expect from now on.... the setup of expectation every election cycle, followed by you saying NO and then on to the next dangling carrot. No thanks. I feel used. I feel hung out to dry. Enjoy your lawsuit and the money it brings..... I guess the rest of us will just stand on the burning deck of this sinking ship and watch you sail off into the sunset. Ginger Whetstine

POOR, POOR, POOR AMERICA. not only does this stink, the timing does too. NO one loves AMERICA but the people. IF you are not willing to give it all you've got then get the hell out of the way, I'm not going to be led....I'll make my own mind up...but I feel so sorry for AMERICA...tell me, what is more important than saving the only source of FREEDOM there is in the world? NOTHING. I'm also not going to be "convinced" about any 'candidate" unless the suggestion (s) come from someone who was willing to give her all...this is B.S. Jean Ferguson

WE all may be in shock. I am in shocked too. Remember, she listen to God & he told her that 2012 won't look good for her after she is in office. It will get worst b/c of Obummer will make it worst for her to fix!! May God bless Sarah & her beautiful family. I will continue to stand by her like I promise her at he book signing & on her FB page! Donna Corvino

I have never felt so betrayed in my life.....she has lost all her power, soon the crowds will She will be on the record with Greta tonight and for the first time I WILL NOT be watching....betrayed is not the word that is strong enough for me, I was ready to help, I was ready to give, and I will NOT be running over to Walmart now for the DVD, which I went to get at 5am this morning....glad I didn't get it.

We needed her and she left us.....all that talk about unconventional campaign....what rubbish, what a sad day......but I will keep MY WORD and write her name in in November Austin Stangle

I am shocked with everyone saying it is ok for Sarah not to run... I watched her speech in Iowa today, bought the Undefeated yesterday, ordered a Palin 2012 shirt and hat today.. Everything she stands for is to fight against the crony capitalism in Washington and that is not possible to do sitting on the SIDELINES... Anyone who is not disappointed and let down and deflated was not a true believer! Please reconsider... Carolinians for Sarah Palin in 2012

Hey, amazing lady! I think you made the right choice. I hate, hate, HATE to see you muzzled the way you inevitably would be as the nominee. PLEASE continue to travel the country, speaking out and sharing the truth on behalf of whoever gets the nod. Your strength is in your candor and your ability to tell it like it is. I admire you SO much! You rock. And I'm so proud of Bristol every time I read something she writes. Love you guys!! Joleigh Little

I'm VERY hurt that you couldn't face us and tell us in person and not on paper. We have worked SOOOOOO hard over the last 2 years. For nothing. For nothing. Sandra Peppers

You've missed your and our window, Sarah. we're done. Julie Dilworth Brewington

I feel Sarah just keep on stringing me along. I love you but feel like you keep us going for nothing. Jenna Tella

well I am outta here not interested in anybody if she is not running, so the first thing is drop off of here and Sarapac. Goodbye and goodluck to whoever is running I am sitting this election out. Tears are falling. Marianne Hockert

I just lost interest in the 2012 Campaign ... I'll just vote for whatever schlep gets the nomination ... just like the McCain vote ... for me the energy is gone ... let the media debate circus continue .. who cares.... we'll just get another RINO... and probably another Democrat in 2016... situation hopeless .... enjoy America while it lasts .... Larry Hooker

I am heartbroken. I do not believe anyone I've seen in this race so far has what it takes to be our next great president. And we NEED a great to break us out of this depression spiral. I have backed you, sent you money, prayed for you. I have Sarah Palin stickers all over our car. I believe this is the decision that will break America. You MUST reverse this decision. I pray GOD convince you. Chris Myers

Governor, although I am sickened at the obvious toll the bullies have taken and impacted your decision, I will continue to defend you as one of the Greatest American public servants & defenders of special needs people ever. In grief, Josef Josef A Kunzlar

Sarah you are a coward and have wasted our time, try looking up Rose Perot,for a big laugh. You both have a lot in com-in (by letting the country down when we most need you.) good buy. Stan Elliott

We are doomed Dorothy Reynolds

WHAT REALLY TICKS ME OFF IS THAT I'VE BEEN DEFENDING THIS person for 24 months now or longer and convincing people to back her...she is the one.... geez. I don't care who she endorses now. I am voting for CAIN. Don't know about NEWT,... Jean Ferguson

22,000 people are on this thread right now supporting you. Over 3 million people read what you say on FaceBook alone. You MUST reverse this decision. I pray GOD convince you. Chris Myers

Donna Corvino

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