Best of the Mars Curiosity Twitter parodies

by Toby Manhire / 09 August, 2012
A selection of the best from the Curiosity spoofs.

The technology on Nasa's Mars rover Curiosity is extraordinary. And so is the media operation around it - especially online, as illustrated by the eyes glued to the landing this week.

Naturally, Curio (as it may or may not be affectionately known) has a Twitter account, too. And as Martian night follows Martian day (slightly slower that on Earth, since you ask), that Twitter account has spawned parodies. Sarcastic Rover has had most of the parody red-planet terrain attention, but the less prolific Curoisity Rover should not be forgotten.

(Update: I've just come across another: BiCuriosity Rover - very much a rover on a journey of discovery; also, via Know Your Meme, there's the struggling @marsroverswag.)

Some highlights below (warning - includes rover swears; may take a moment to load):

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