Bonus marks for single children in China

by Toby Manhire / 27 September, 2012
A novel approach to levelling the educational playing field.
While some grapple with thorny subjects such as national standards data and improving educational prospects for the underprivileged, from China comes a novel solution to levelling the playing field.

Give single kids extra marks.

From the Chinese Global Times:

The Fujian provincial government Tuesday said students from one-child families in rural areas of Fujian Province will get bonus marks on important exams.

The extra scores will be given to single children taking their senior high school entrance exam, according to a circular posted on the provincial government's website.

The preferential policy aims at helping lift some rural families with one child out of poverty, the Fuzhou-based Strait News reported Tuesday.

The notice said the new incentive only applies to families that have one child or those that have been permitted to have two children and both are girls and one of the parents is sterilized.

The province said the new rule aims to help facilitate the families' access to education, but the circular did not say how many extra points their children will be given on their high school entrance examinations.

The policy of adding extra marks on tests taken by single children in rural areas used to exist in many places in the country.

It was criticized by the public for not being fair to other students and incidents of cheating were widespread.

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