Christmas Eve Fish Fry

by Guy Somerset / 21 December, 2012
Radio Without Talk.
God, I love Christmas music. Despite not actually believing in God and being a complete atheist. There's a lot of dross out there, of course - a lot of dross. But as my Christmas gift for you (as Phil Spector might say), I have sifted through it to bring you this week's extra-long Fish Fry. It's got 48 songs, but could easily have been double that. Triple, even. However, I have other work to be getting on with, so without further ado: Ringo bells, Ringo bells ...

(I know the Carpenters' Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Space isn't strictly - or indeed in any way - speaking a Christmas song, but it always feels like one to me and unfailingly makes me think of Christmas.)

Can I also point you in the direction of this, a podcast recording of this year's Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at St Paul's Cathedral in Wellington. If you listen to nothing else in it, make sure you listen to the exquisite choral setting for the Maori translation of the Lord's Prayer (around seven minutes in), which I had forgotten from last year's service and as then completely took my breath away at this year's service on Sunday.

Since for the benefit of the playlist above I forewent the obvious, perhaps you'll forgive me the following, which are, after all, perennials for a reason:

And finally, the best Christmas film you'll ever see. Yes, it does star James Stewart, but no, it isn't It's a Wonderful Life:

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