Crossword 759 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 10 March, 2012
Honeyed words

It is of no significance that honey (if indirectly) plays a part in two of these clues, 1 across and 24 across. I didn't notice the coincidence until long after the puzzle went off to print, and since I don't have a sweet tooth, honey itself plays no part in my life.

In working up the first of the “honeyed” clues, I felt obliged to actually do some research. It is not often that mere facts impinge on my efforts, but I rather hoped that one hundred hives (1 across) would constitute a large apiary. The clue would read a little better if they did. From The National Beekeepers' Association website I discovered, however, that 100 hives is neither here nor there: a small commercial operation at best.

Crossword 759 solution

Across Answers and CluesExplanations
Tiny onions in an apiary? (6)C=100 +HIVES, enough for a small to medium apiary
Late with a failure to win a total write-off (4,4)Late = DEAD, a failure to win = LOSS
Became subject to being on the wrong side of the ledger holding dog (8)on the wrong side of the ledger = IN RED, dog = CUR
Scottish royals begin to go round the bend (6)begin = START, bend = U
Racist has formula for the release of emotional tension (9)Anagram of RACIST HAS, formula = anagram indictor
Time spent, I hear, in a stunned or bewildered state (4)Homophone, a stunned ... state = DAZE
On the marae an elder knight stands before floor covering fringed with gold running both ways (8)knight = K, floor covering = MAT, gold = AU
Suffers terrible lack of iron, indiscriminately consults the internet (5)Anagram of SUFFERS, terrible = anagram indicator, lack of = deletion indicator, iron = FE
Add turnover with ram (3,2)turnover = TO, ram = TUP
Free ale, tribe smashed (8)Anagram of ALE TRIBE
Some Impedimenta worth ten cents in Washington (4)Hidden word, impeDIMEnta
California lawman, my dear, has lost the Ecstasy, a terrible racket (9)California = CA, lawman = COP, my dear = HONEY, has lost the Ecstasy = E
Strangers use saline solution (6)Anagram of SALINE
Recipe for half fits food from a sole trader? (8)Anagram of HALF FITS
Hair ribbons presented for the best speed the boats will achieve (3-5)Charade, best = TOP, speed (of boats) = KNOTS
Make a mistake also -- just a small trip (6)Make a mistake = ERR, also = AND.
Down Answers and CluesExplanations
Crochet, for example, by the worker on a boat (9)worker = HAND, boat = CRAFT
A big safe jump (5)Double definition
Revolutionary leader Virginia has sent outside to be a stableboy (7)Revolutionary leader = R, Virginia = VA, inside SENT
Dandies. A certain bearing in clothes ... (5)A certain bearing = E (East), clothes = DUDS
... helps American Samoan and NZ intelligence operatives on way up (7)American Samoan = AS, NZ intelligence operatives = SIS, way = ST, up = reversal indicator
A dealer in stolen money falling short in real uprising (9)falling short = UNDER, real uprising (reversal indicator) = LAER
Certainly lacking energy can make one brusque and ill-natured (5)Certainly = SUR[E]LY, lacking = deletion indicator, energy = E
Permit kea to go wild in Fiordland (5,4)Anagram of PERMIT KEA
A tool for the law breaker (3)Anagram of LAW
See son yet, confused, perhaps saw (3,4,2)Anagram of SEE SON YET
An artist who was to some extent priapic, as some reported (7)Hidden word, priaPIC AS SOme
Having an engineering degree around, I design an old-fashioned aircraft (7)engineering degree = BE, I design = IPLAN
A nice house, you might say (5)Pun, sounds like "an ice house"
Copper, very noisy on Saturday, turned up on my trousers (5)Copper = CU, very noisy = FF, Saturday = S
A bid for a hit man? (5)Cryptic double definition, hit man = one who "offs" people.
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