December 1-7: Online

by Fiona Rae / 29 November, 2012
Neil Finn's Hobbit song, Alan Moore's film, and George Clooney. Just because.
Neil Finn

BLOWING THE BAG ENDING: Looking forward to The Hobbit? So is this guy, who built Bag End out of balloons. His five-minute time-lapse video shows how.

THE BOY FROM PUKERUA BAY: Peter Jackson has made an epic journey himself, and in its latest collection NZ On Screen looks back on the early days of Brain Dead and Meet the Feebles, right through to the trailer for The Hobbit.

FINN SONG: Neil Finn’s Song of the Lonely Mountain, which will play over the end credits of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, is about to be released. Hear a preview here.

V FOR VENDETTA, S FOR SONG: Speaking of music, the godfather of comics, Alan Moore, has recorded his first-ever song. The Decline of English Murder is a protest song made for the Occupy movement, which adopted the V for Vendetta masks featured in Moore’s graphic novel. The Guardian has made a video to accompany the song. Moore has also been busy writing his first film, Jimmy’s End, which is available at It’s typically Lynchian and a bit NSFW.

GEORGE CLOONEY!: Just because.
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