I am a corrupt moron flying jumbo jets loaded with entire nations, says Julian Assange

by Toby Manhire / 27 April, 2012
More enigmatic late-night gems from the WikiLeaks Twitter account.
One of the advantages of living in the South Pacific is that you get to watch over lunch as entrancing late night messages appear on the WikiLeaks Twitter timeline.

It seems that Thursday nights do something to Julian Assange – for presumably it is the WIkiLeaks figurehead tweeting - who remains under house arrest in a Suffolk country estate.

Three weeks ago, at 2.10am on Friday morning UK time, Twitter feeds the world over lit up with this:

The days of smearing this organization are over. One by one, you're going down

That tweet was deleted within minutes, but you can see an auto-retweeted version here.

And today the bark was back.

Just before 1.10am, this:

Journalists are corrupt morons flying jumbo jets loaded with entire nations. Never has a profession displayed such dangerous incompetence.

Followed a few minutes later by:

All truely professional journalists know that this is true, but refrain from saying so in an attempt to keep job prospects open.

(The first of those was deleted, but subsequently reposted, which borked the continuity, but never mind that.)

But wait a second. Assange has repeatedly insisted that he is a journalist – in part, it could be agued, because that could afford him certain legal protections in the US, but he’s been pretty emphatic about it.

For example, an AFP report from November 28 last year recounts Assange’s response to a question on whether or not he is a journalist.

Assange exclaimed:

Of course I'm a goddamn journalist!

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