International media on Christchurch, a year on

by Toby Manhire / 22 February, 2012
A selection of the coverage from abroad in the leadup to the anniversary of the February 22 earthquake. has a bunch of facts and figures, and a side by side comparison of the impact of the Christchurch and Tohoku, Japan, earthquakes of 2011.

The Japanese Yomiuri Shimbun travels with families of the 12 Japanese students who died in the collapsed CTV building which housed their foreign language school: “Quake victims' relatives arrive in NZ”.

Miller-McCune: “Christchurch still shaken by quake, one year later”.

AAP: “Aftershocks slowing Christchurch earthquake recovery”.

AP’s Nick Perry: “Christchurch still quake survivors’ haven”.

AFP: “Christchurch residents living on their nerves”

The Bloomberg agency year-on piece looks at predictions that the accelerating rebuild could “spur inflation and end record-low interest rates”.

Daily Telegraph, UK: “New Zealand earthquake victims laid to rest as country prepares for one-year anniversary”.

Guardian, UK: “Darkness at the heart of Christchurch, one year after the quake” (in the print edition, the piece carried the headline “Hope and faith return to Christchurch”).

From January, online at the Economist: "Not quite risen".

“It feels like starting over” – a substantial feature in the Australian newspaper.

In “Christchurch finding its way back from devastation”, the San Francisco Chronicle’s travel editor visits Canterbury.

An upbeat piece in the Sydney Morning Herald travel section is welcome, but I rather doubt whether many Cantabrians will delight at the word “plucky” in the headline: “Plucky Christchurch is open for business”.

A British expat based in Christchurch recounts a year of shaky living in an interview with BBC News Online.

An interesting piece at the Arup “Thoughts” blog by Andrew Wisdom: “Christchurch should become a living lab”.

“Christchurch rebuilds a year after quake”, Reuters (video).

“Quake-weary Christchurch still on edge, one year on”, AFP (video)

“Quake survivors rebuild lives in Christchurch”, AP (video)

“Frustration in New Zealand a year after deadly quake”, ABC Australia (audio)

And Dominique Schwartz’s report for ABC TV is here.
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