Job interview confessions on Twitter

by Toby Manhire / 31 May, 2012
Squeamish anecdotes from employment interrogations, as shared with @Rhodri.
Rhodri Marsden is Twitter’s confidant-in-chief.

Last year, when the British musician (Scritti Politti, mostly) and writer (the Independent, mostly) asked people to share their bad-date experiences, the response was such that he got a book out of it.

The other day he tweeted, “Just heard about a chap who went to a job interview, realised he didn't want it, asked to go to the loo, never came back in. Glorious.”

Followed by: “I've never had a job interview in my life. I don't know what I'm missing. If you've had excruciating ones involving incidents, do spill.”

And spill they did.

Ten of the best:

Absently mindedly twirling my pen around, got the ends mixed up and drew a fake beard on myself while asking questions.

music shop interview. forgot what a microphone was called. tried to leave and they locked the door. had a stress nosebleed. cried.

Interviewer: "we'll need to speak to your previous line manager to see what kind of impression you made. Who was it?" Me: "Um. You"

I was once asked "if your friends were to describe you as a type of sandwich what would they choose"

Got asked "If you could be an animal, what would it be?" I replied "What sort of a stupid question is that?". Didn't get the job

a friend of mind was asked to act like a dying turtle that was in love with a bird (another candidate) for her job at a theme park

I sewed a hat to my skirt during a test at milliners.

I had to pretend a 40 yo colleague (& keen amdram) was a 78 year old colonel to help demo via role play how I handle different peops

I had to pretend to be possessed by the evil spirit of a shopping website, flailing & fitting about, and then browsing the site.

Interview went so well, got cocky and when interviewer gave me my suit jacket from rack I turned so he could put it on me. No job.

There are dozens more. Read Marsden’s Storify collection here.
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