November 24-30: Online

by Fiona Rae / 24 November, 2012
Bond style, bad science and Breaking Bad science.

STYLE, BOND STYLE: There have been a ton of retrospectives in the UK to mark 50 years of Bond films, but the one we really wish we’d seen is Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style, which ran at the Barbican this year. Never mind, there are two excellent five-minute videos at the website, one about tailoring Bond’s suits, the other about the set design of the movies.

LIVE AND LET … OUCH: There’s Bond trivia for Africa on the internet, of course, but we particularly like this bit of footage of stuntman Ross Kananga, who ran across the backs of crocodiles in 1973’s Live and Let Die.

DOUBLE-O ONESIE: This baby might have a Kill Bill jumpsuit, but could easily grow up to be the next Bond. A companion to 2010’s Iron Baby.

A NEW HOPE: The announcement that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm and plans to make a new Star Wars film was catnip to internet geeks. How about some Disney/Star Wars mash-up art? The best has to be “directors’ audition tapes” for the new movie, which aired on late-night talkshow Conan. Star Wars as directed by Woody Allen, Michael Moore or Wes Anderson? We are so there.

TWI-TANIC: People are funny on Twitter, aren’t they? @The_RMS_Titanic had a short set of tweets on the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking (sample: “Just hit an iceberg. LOL.”) Countering it is @BigAss_Iceberg (“Just chillin’ on Twitter”). For something vastly more educational, there are the Twitter accounts for the websites and

BIG BAD PHARMA SCIENCE: Last week’s Listener cover star Ben Goldacre is well known in the UK and for his website He has an audio and video page that includes radio shows, lectures, a TED talk and TV.

CHEMISTRY, YO: Speaking of science nerds, a professor of organic chemistry is the adviser to awesome TV series Breaking Bad. In this blog, she explains some of the series’ memorable science moments.
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