NZ's new tourism slogan: "100% Middle Earth"

by Toby Manhire / 09 August, 2012
Peter Jackson's films will be "leveraged" to attract visitors - but how would John Key cope with a challenge on the 100% Middle Earth line?
Tourism New Zealand has unveiled a new campaign to capitalise on the release later this year of the first of three Peter Jackson Hobbit films.

Launching proper in August, the new advertisement will amount to "the latest evolution of the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign", says the tourism group's boss in a press release.It will "draw together the themes '100% Pure' and '100% Middle Earth'".

You read that right: "100% Middle Earth". (Or, strictly, Tolkienistas, it should be "Middle-earth", as they have it in their release headline.)

This one will be a doddle for the prime minister should he again come up against a prickly foreign interviewer in the mould of Stephen Sackur.

If he's asked, "Is New Zealand really one hundred per cent Middle Earth?" expect an answer along these lines: "Anybody who goes down to New Zealand and looks at our Tolkien credentials, and looks at New Zealand, then I think for the most part, in comparison with the rest of the world, we are 100% Middle Earth."

Oh, and from the same release, the announcement of "a creative theme for all activity". This: "Fantasy is Reality".
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