Saturday Night Fish Fry #1

by Guy Somerset / 13 September, 2012
Radio Without Talk.
Welcome to the first episode of Saturday Night Fish Fry, a new feature of the Listener's Books & Culture blog, Listening In, coming to you ... each Friday. I know, I know, but Louis Jordan never wrote a song called Friday Night Fish Fry, did he?

And whay, pray, is Saturday Night Fish Fry when it's at home, I hear you ask.

Well, where once there was Radio with Pictures now there is Radio Without Talk - a weekly playlist (for, let's be honest, that's what it is) of music for you to take away for the weekend. You could save it for Saturday night, but we're not going to insist.

Each playlist will consist of 30 tracks - although the first and last will be our theme songs, the aforementioned Saturday Night Fish Fry to begin and an instrumental from Young Marble Giants to end (the latter being the theme song of a radio show - a real radio show - I co-hosted at university, although I wouldn't want you to think this is some lame attempt on my part to relive my youth and satisfy my frustrated-deejay cravings. As if).

In between, you will find a mix of music old and new, of any creed that takes our fancy (although absolutely no Creed themselves), some from the magazine and some not - but all well worth a listen. By our reckoning anyway.

From time to time, we will have guests in to choose the playlist (including Listener writers), and even themed playlists - look out for the Krautrock special ahead of New Zealand's guest of honour programme at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

And, of course, we welcome any suggestions you may have - from entire playlists to a single song.

All you need to listen is Spotify - which is free (if you don't mind ads) or requires a small monthly fee (if you do).

Anyway, why don't you suck it and see? And no, that wasn't a cue for the Arctic Monkeys. As it happens, we begin this first Saturday Night Fish Fry with an oblique (or perhaps not so oblique) nod towards the US presidential elections.
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