Saturday Night Fish Fry #13

by Guy Somerset / 14 December, 2012
Radio Without Talk.
I don't know about you but nothing shouts "lazy Friday afternoon in summer" to me more than 93 Ave Blues off the new Swans album. Should you beg to differ, we also have Tar off the new Scott Walker album. But if even that doesn't do it for you, there's Baaba Maal's Jamma-Jenngii to kick off this week's Fish Fry. Listen out, too, for Master/Slave by Opposite Sex and Opposite Sex by the Vulgar Boatmen (see, there is some thought that goes into this playlist), Opossum, Pye Corner Audio and a reissued Five Man Army by Massive Attack. Oh yeah, and a great couple of oldies from Pin Group.

As for this week's visual stimulant ...

We really do like our summer here at the Fish Fry.
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