The Friday quiz, 03.05.12

by Toby Manhire / 04 May, 2012
Best enjoyed while drinking in a tree.
1. A new theme park opened in Europe this week based on which life-sapping app-tastic game?

2. Which life-sapping app-tastic game was six weeks ago “the hottest mobile game in the world, but today its popularity has collapsed”, according to the Atlantic?

3. Which loathed global organisation this week was revealed to have encoded its secrets within a pornographic video?

4. The new magazine of which loathed global organisation attracted mockery this week for a misprint on its front page, “Wining on the ground”?

5. Which loathed global organisation attracted mockery this week when it advertised for a social media editor?







1. Angry Birds. Angry Birds Land. In Finland.

2. Draw Something. Here’s one of mine (not one of mine):

3. Al-Qaida.

4. Al-Qaida’s. From the Foreign Policy blog:

There are some new features, including a quiz in the table of contents. A help-wanted notice suggests the magazine is looking for web help, researchers, translators, and "sisters who can write on women-related issues." There's also a long feature on the Pakistani army and its "role in the crusades." The regular humor feature, the Mad Magazine-esque "A Cold Diss," mocks the late Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi and refers to the famous "Zenga Zenga" YouTube video. (They're presumably aware it was made by an Israeli.) The instructional "open-source jihad" feature gives some helpful hints on handgun training.

5. Goldman Sachs.
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