The Friday quiz, 13.04.12. Friday 13th edition

by Toby Manhire / 13 April, 2012
Multiple choice. As always, apologies for any offence, however petty and whoever caused it.
1. Which children’s book did Barack Obama read at the Annual White House Easter Egg Roll, to much subsequent online acclaim?

(a) Hairy McClary From Donaldson’s Dairy

(b) Where the Wild Things Are

(c) Little Yellow Digger

(d) The Very Hungry Caterpillar

(e) My Pet Goat.

2. Facebook’s purchase of Instagram values each Instagram user as worth how much in US currency?

(a) 3 cents

(b) 30 cents

(c) $3.00

(d) $30.00

(e) $300.00

(f) My Pet Goat.

3. What did nine-year-old Caine Monroy build out of cardboard, as documented in an online short film that has been viewed by more than a million and a half people in recent days?

(a) A scale model of the Titanic

(b) A games arcade

(c) A tactile internet

(d) A pet goat.

4. The Fox Mole – the Fox News employee secretly columnising for the Gawker website – wrote this week that he had been identified and suspended by the network. How much time had passed since the publication of his “inaugural column?”

(a) 29 hours.

(b) 29 days.

(c) 29 weeks

(d) All of the above added together and put in a pie.

5. This guy ...

... has become a meme, dubbed:

(a) Spectacularly clumsy guy

(b) Always happy guy

(c) Smiley murder guy

(d) Ridiculously photogenic guy.







1. (b).

2. (d). Meanwhile Facebook is value at about $100 per user, apparently.

3. (b).

4. (a). This and this.

5. It’s (d).

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