The Friday quiz, 18.05.12

by Toby Manhire / 18 May, 2012
Aggressive, hostile and antagonistic.

1. The users of what “have become”, in the words of the Wall Street Journal, “the largest unpaid workforce in history”?

2. A "pay to be popular" feature is being tested in New Zealand. But where?

3. “I think it’s kind of silly that it would take the university a couple of years to get around to it. I can do it better than they can, and I can do it in a week.”

Who’s that speaking? And about what? (An extra 20 points if you know when and to whom.)

4. “Everything I do in my personal life, in my professional life, it’s completely there,” said Mr Saverin. What is this Mr Saverin fellow referring to, in an interview with the New York Times on Wednesday?

5. What is this front page headline from the Guardian on Thursday referring to?








1. Facebook.

2. Facebook.

3. Mark Clusterberg, or Zuckerberg, or whatever. About Facebook. (Extra 20 points if you knew he was speaking to the Harvard Crimson in 2004).

4. Facebook.

(Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin – you remember, the sook victim character in The Social Network  who is real life is a squillionaire thanks to retaining a serious Facebook stake. Anyway, seems the Singapore resident could now be in trouble with the US tax department. In the interview, he also said this: “People look at my profile and say, ‘You can have all the options.’ But really, everyone does.” Ha! And: “What does this enable me to do? What am I provided with to help? Right now, I don’t know how to deploy the capital and the blessings.”)

5. The cost of a Greek euro exit. If you said the likely cost of a Facebook IPO, lose a billion points and have a lie-down.
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