The GCSB: a reality slide show

by Toby Manhire / 03 October, 2012
A world of GCSBs. Or should that be BS?
It's all about slide shows and the GCSB today, in which spirit, however tenuously (and leaving to one side the imaginable permuations of the profane rock musician's coinage GCBB), here is a slide show of some of the GCSBs around the world:

The Urban Dictionary definition:

A bank in Iowa, with a splendid slogan:

A Czech golf club:

Putting the SB into the GC:

(Which has inspired me to begin work on a NZ on Air proposal for a new TV series about a bunch of New Zealanders way out of their depth as they struggle to understand people with foreign accents, to be called The GCSB.)

And, comfortably the funniest of all, from the NZ GCSB home page:

Update: In a further spash of abbreviation-based jolliness, the GCSB has managed to bungle even its own name, describing itself in a document as - ahem, Mr Freud? - the GCBS.

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