TV & Radio Tuesday February 28

by Fiona Rae / 28 February, 2012
One of the finest cop shows on Australian television, apparently, and Misfits is awesome. Again.


Frozen Planet (TV1, 8.30pm). David Attenborough has sometimes been criticised for ignoring the effects of global warming in the epic TV series he fronts, but tonight’s episode is all about the effects of rising temperatures on the polar regions. In the Arctic, polar bears are going hungry, in Canada, Inuit hunters have seen the disappearance of summer ice in the Arctic Ocean, and in Greenland, scientists studying meltwater are seeing more iceberg “calving” events, which lead to a rise in the global sea level.

East West 101 (Maori, 9.30pm). A cut above the usual cliché and clunky dialogue of most Aussie cop shows – in fact, one of the finest cop shows in the history of Australian TV, according to the Daily Telegraph. This is because it has the guts to confront racial tensions in Oz, focusing on western Sydney, and has a Muslim as its lead character (the lovely Don Hany from Offspring). And the third season, which starts tonight, tackles the impact in Australia of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – although there will also be stories featuring the Somali, Palestinian, Israeli and Maori communities.

Misfits (Four, 9.30pm). How brilliant is Misfits? Hitler gets a good kicking from a chav tonight. That’s how brilliant.


Gainsbourg (Rialto, Sky 025, 8.30pm). Director Joann Sfar uses animation to inject a "poetic dimension", said Sight and Sound, into this biopic of the French musician, film-maker and actor who was ubiquitous in the French media during the 1960s. Sight and Sound thought that the musical numbers are pretty good, and Laetitia Casta is sensational as Brigitte Bardot, but the Independent thought the music "a mishmash of sub-Aznavour ballads, daft pop and gormless rock". (2010)


Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan (Radio New Zealand National, 9.06am). Today's feature guest is American author and literary critic Edmund White, who latest book is Jack Holmes and His Friend, is about two best friends, a straight man and a gay man. (Our review here.) Info and audio here.
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