Twitter pool party at the Kim Dotcom mansion

by Toby Manhire / 24 June, 2012
In which Ben Gracewood and José Barbosa find themselves splashing around with big Kim on a Sunday evening.
Last Tuesday, Kim Dotcom joined Twitter.

Within five days, the man behind Megaupload had topped 30,000 followers.

And on Sunday evening, the New Zealand resident whose extradition on copyright charges is currently being sought by the US, went all Willy Wonka, with a trio of Auckland men being tweeted golden tickets in the form of invitations to his mansion in Coatesville, north of Auckland. For a pool party.

Tech expert Ben Gracewood and Media 7 reporter José Barbosa (and later ad man Vaughn Davis) made their way, disbelievingly, to Dotcom Manor, while the rest of us watched on, disbelievingly, glued to our Twitter feeds.

Here's how #swimatkims happened.

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