10 of the daftest political party names

by Toby Manhire / 17 July, 2013
Germany’s “Partei” calls for politician-fracking. Plus: the best frivolous party names.
Die Partei even have a film.

In New Zealand, the satirical hole left by the defunct McGillicuddy Serious Party on New Zealand’s polling form is being admirably filled by The Civilian Party. In Iceland, a (largely) comical party, the Best Party, actually won power in Reykjavik a couple of years ago.

And in Germany, political satire has found its electoral vessel in the form of “Die Partei” (The Party – or, in full: the Party for Labour, Rule of Law, Protection of Animals, Promotion of Elites and Grassroot-Democratic Initiative).

They intend to “shake up Germany's dull election campaign” and “challenge Chancellor Angela Merkel with a hard-hitting manifesto”, reports Der Spiegel.

Their policies, as reported by Spiegel:

• To build a wall around Germany to tackle globalization, financial market turmoil and the euro crisis.

• To limit management pay to 25,000 times an ordinary worker's pay.

• To use the controversial mining method of hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" on Peter Altmaier, Germany's heavyset environment minister, to release the "tremendous energy resources" within him.

• To ban pub crawls by foreign tourists in German inner cities.

• To further complicate the German tax system so that large companies can no longer find money-saving loopholes.

• To follow the Greek example and shut down public broadcasters like ARD and ZDF and make them repay the license fees and apologize for their output.

• To raise €5 million through crowdfunding to finance the controlled detonation of Berlin's baroque city palace once it has been rebuilt. And to erect a grand, presumably communist-style "Palace of Die Partei" in its place, or a large swimming pool. "We'd have to run an ideas competition for that," Sonneborn explained.

• To lower the school leaving age to 10 in order to solve the demographic problem of an ageing society.

Meanwhile, from Wikipedia, here are 10 of the best named frivolous political parties (some are no longer with us):

1. The Sun Ripened Warm Tomato Party (Australia)

2. The PFGFIDSDG: Partei für gemäßigten Fortschritt in den Schranken der Gesetze (Party for Moderate Progress Within the Bounds Of the Law, Austria–Hungary, 1911–1921

3. The Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party (Canada, obviously)

4. The Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements (Denmark)

5. The Anarchist Pogo Party of Germany

6. The Double-tailed Dog Party (Hungary)

7. Partido del Karma Democrático (The Party of Democratic Karma, Spain)

8. Adam Lyal's Witchery Tour Party (UK)

9. Church of the Militant Elvis Party (UK)

10. I Want to Drop a Blancmange Down Terry Wogan's Y-Fronts Party (or should that be the Stuff Pink Blancmange Down Terry Wogan's Trousers Party? Sources differ. UK.)

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