A collection of uncomfortable Oscars moments

by The Listener / 25 February, 2013
Warm up for the 2013 Academy Awards with this assortment of strange and embarrassing moments from Oscars past.

Benigni Goes Bananas

"He who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in eternity sunrise", said an over-stimulated Roberto Benigni during a rambling acceptance speech in 1999.


Carry on, Jerry

Nearing the end of the ceremony, the 1959 Oscars were running 20 minutes early. Forced to improvise, host Jerry Lewis invited the audience to participate in an interminable sing-along rendition of "There's No Business like Show Business" before resorting to an on-stage dance contest.

Mr. Moore Goads Washington

Michael Moore used his speech as a launchpad for a political rant in 2003, and was roundly booed by the audience until a deafening blast of your-time-is-up music forced him off stage.

The Running Man

In 1974, co-host David Niven was confronted by a male streaker, whom he dealt with in typically quick-witted fashion (WARNING: contains brief nudity).

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Celebrities shifted nervously in their seats during Adrien Brody's endless kiss with presenter Hally Berry following his 2002 Best Actor win.

Man, Interrupted

The award for Best Documentary (Short Subject) was not usually associated with high drama until producer Elinor Burkett hijacked winner Ross Williams's speech in 2010.

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