Advice for the internet-dependent

by Toby Manhire / 22 October, 2013
Don't wake or go to bed with the internet, and other tips.
Michael Sacasas has set himself a goal: “a sane relationship with the internet”.

He’s not going cold turkey, nothing like that. He has simply determined that he has a little too much internet, a little too much of the time, in his life. And so he has drawn up at Gizmodo “a list of digital disciplines”.

Top of this list: “Don’t wake up with the internet.” Sacasas, a writer on technology and ethics, elaborates: “Have breakfast, walk the dog, read a book, whatever – do something before getting online.”

Another good bit of advice: “Don’t remain ambiently connected to your email account”.

Similarly, disable “all notifications that threaten to interrupt or distract”, he writes. “Mentally, we tend to respond to these with Pavlovian alacrity.”

Don’t let your device join you for lunch and dinner. And, finally, your laptop or tablet should go to sleep before you do: “Don’t go to bed with the internet.” That’s only a few of Sacasas’s suggestions. For the rest, you’ll need to carry on surfing the internet.

Another approach, if you’re feeling a little over-internetted, is a digital detox, as outlined here by Aleks Krotoski. Mind you, not everyone approves of all that.

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