An essential new Olympic event: hide-and-seek

by Toby Manhire / 11 September, 2013
Japanese professor advocates new exhibition sport for all in Tokyo 2020 games.
The Olympics are coming to Tokyo, ready or not.

And who could reasonably disagree with the case made by the Yasuo Hazaki, a media studies professor at Josai International University, that the 2020 games would be enhanced by the addition of an unlikely exhibition sport: hide and seek.

Three years ago, Professor Hazaki formed the Hide-and-Seek Promotion Committee, which now boasts more than 1,000 members across Japan, reports Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

"I want to encourage sport for all, meaning that anyone can take part, regardless of age, gender or ability," he said. "When you watch sport now, it's all about world-beating techniques and skills - fantastic dribbling, running or shooting skills in football, for example.

"But that's not sport for all," he said. "Hide-and-seek is a sport that anybody can play, from children as young as 4 years old to someone who is in their 80s."

It’s no free-for-all.

The committee has set formal rules for competitive hide-and-seek, pitting two teams of seven players against each other in a 10-minute match. In the first five-minute half, one team is given two minutes to hide on a "pitch" that measures 65ft x 65ft. The opposing team then has to locate and touch the hiding players.

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