Church billboards: 10 of the funniest

by Toby Manhire / 07 September, 2013
Signs from God that raise a laugh - and/or spark a row.
A witty, provocative billboard from an Ontario Anglican church went viral last tweek after being posted on Reddit. Which is as good an occasion as any to collect the best examples of the genre.

(Warning, some will find a few of these offensive.)

1. From Alta Vista Baptist Church, Texas, via Says-it:


2. This is from an Auckland campaign a few years ago:


3. From Clays Mill church in Kentucky, via Christian Funny Pictures:

4. At last someone to challenge Mark Zuckerberg, via Says-it:


5. The Gosford Anglican Church, Australia, via Gay Star News:


6. Retrospectively amusing, at least.


7. St-Matthew-in-the-City, Auckland, pitches in to the gay marriage debate:

8. This, also from St Matthew’s, did not amuse everyone – and was slashed by Catholic protesters.


9. And another seriously risque effort at St-Matthew-in-the-City was taken down after a similar attack:


10. From St John’s in Ontario, Canada, via Reddit: “Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine.”


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