February 23-March 1 2013 Issue 3798

by Listener Archive / 14 February, 2013
<h3>COVER STORY</h3> <h4>Beating your inner critic</h4>


Beating your inner critic - top-selling author of 'The Happiness Trap' on how to rise above fear & doubt

In this week's issue, Yvonne van Dongen talks with former GP turned self-help therapist Dr Russ Harris whose strategies on how to rise above fear and doubt have worked wonders in his own life. Also in this issue, Ruth Laugesen reports on bowel cancer, the unmentionable disease that kills 100 New Zealanders a month and Catherine Woulfe reports on the good marks that schoolchildren are getting and how they may be a result of not their ability but of a change in two key tests.

Reality slaps

The silent killer

Testing times
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