February 9-15: Online

by Listener Archive / 31 January, 2013
Super-size season and 30 Rock, out.
30 Rock
30 Rock

SEEING BANSHEE: The creators of Banshee, the pulpy, dark series starring Kiwi Antony Starr (SoHo, Sky 010, Tuesday, 8.30pm), are doing good things online in support of their baby. At the show’s website bansheetvshow.com, there’s video, photos, blogs etc, and at welcometobanshee.com there are 13 short prequels that flesh out the characters; Banshee Origins, a downloadable comic; and unlockable content about each week’s title sequence. You’ll have to follow the show on Twitter (@BansheeTvShow) to get the safe-cracking code, however.

SUPER-SIZE SEASON: Wait, is summer over already? The 2013 Super Rugby season starts this week, despite the warm weather, with an all-Aussie outing in Melbourne (Melbourne Rebels vs Western Force, Sky Sport 1, Sky 030, Friday, 9.35pm). News, info, fixtures, etc at superxv.com.

DEAD LIKE ME: Being a zombie extra on The Walking Dead has become quite a thing, and now there’s no need to travel to Georgia to join in the undead fun. Turn yourself into a walker (or biter, if you’re Team Woodbury) on deadyourself.com. So simple, even entertainment editors can get zombified (also available as a mobile phone app).

30 ROCK, OUT: After this week, there are only three more episodes of the whip-smart 30 Rock (Four, Monday, 9.30pm), the satire created by the whip-smart Tina Fey. It will be remembered for its nutso characters and its cracking one-liners, of which many are compiled on YouTube. However, this compilation at vulture.com puts together hillbilly character Kenneth Parcell’s backstory: bit.ly/Wxywxx, and for that we are grateful.

ELIZA BENNET LIVES: This month’s Listener Book Club isn’t the only way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first publication of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The world of the second-oldest of the Bennet sisters is explored in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (lizziebennet.com), a very modern (American) adaptation of the book. Changes to the original include three sisters instead of five; Charles Bingley has become “Bing Lee”; and Darcy is a hipster!
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