March 2-8: Online

by Fiona Rae / 21 February, 2013
Russian dashcams; David Bowie; and the next Gangnam Style. Maybe.
Taken from a Russian dashcam

DASHCAM DISASTERS: There are a ton of videos on YouTube of the meteor shower in Chelyabinsk, should you wish to relive the excitement, but another interesting piece of information to emerge was that Russians routinely use “dashcams” in case they need video evidence in insurance claims. The Guardian has collected some of the action caught on dashcams – in the West they’d be turned into a primetime TV show.

GOLDEN YEARS: David Bowie recently managed to do something that is almost impossible these days: spring a surprise on the internet. The release, on Bowie’s birthday, of the first single from an upcoming album was unexpected, although it seems that forces are at work to make this a Bowie kind of year. A feature-length documentary is due to screen on the BBC in May, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London is having a massive Bowie retrospective from March 23. Totally worth a look if you’re heading to the UK, otherwise there are some pretty pictures here.

THE NEXT GANGNAM STYLE: It may not be the most-watched video on YouTube, but the latest musical meme is Harlem Shake by Baauer, and it was started by a group of five teenagers in Queensland. It seems to be popular in offices, and even the staff of The Daily Show, Anderson Cooper and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon have got in on the act. Also, the Norwegian Army. Here’s the original.

IT’S THE FUTURE: In this 1967 video, Walter Cronkite appears to predict the internet, or a “computerised communications console” that might exist in 2001. A man could work at home, said Cronkite, using one of four screens that would deliver news, weather, telephone and CCTV of the rest of the house. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, irradiated or frozen food would be cooked in a microwave in seconds and plastic plates used over and over.
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