March 9-15: Online

by Fiona Rae / 28 February, 2013
Hotere remembered; Oscar-winning animation; and smarter phones.

REMEMBERING HOTERE: To mark the passing of a great New Zealand artist, NZ On Screen has put together a collection that includes Sam Pillsbury’s short film from 1974 (a classic, says Ian Wedde in an accompanying note), and a 2001 documentary directed by Merata Mita that features a score of jazz, Maori and pop songs directed by Hirini Melbourne.

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE: The Oscars are a lot of puffery, aren’t they? The good people at Screen Junkies have an antidote. Honest Trailers tells it like it is, using one of those big-screen trailer voices, from Avatar to Inception to The Dark Knight Rises. No one is safe, not even The Lord of the Rings, “an 11-hour New Zealand tourism commercial”.

VERY ANIMATED: On the other hand, Paperman, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film, is really rather lovely. It’s a mix of hand-drawn and computer animation, and is the first short film produced by the Walt Disney Animation -Studios to win an Academy Award since 1969.

IT’S FUN BEING A GIRL: Comediva ( is a bit like Funny or Die but with more cupcakes, ukuleles and Tina Fey references. The funny girls have created this spoof series in response to some god-awful reality show called Bad Girls Club. In BAMF Girls Club, Hermione (Harry Potter), Katniss (The Hunger Games), Michonne (The Walking Dead), Buffy, and Bella Swann (Twilight) move into a house together.

PHONE SMARTS: In the future, smartphones might be made of glass, like this one developed by a US technology company, or come as a series of cubes that can be assembled in whatever configuration the user chooses, like one of these 12 futuristic phone concepts.

SHAKE STREET: Remember the Harlem Shake internet sensation? Shortland Street has got in on the act. Also, the Crusaders. Does that mean it’s over now?
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