Margaret Thatcher – some online reading

by Toby Manhire / 09 April, 2013
The former British PM has died aged 87. A roundup of the Listener archive, the British front pages, editorials, and more ...
Robert Muldoon and Margaret Thatcher, in September 1976. Pic: Evening Post via NLNZ


From the Listener

When Rob met Maggie: On the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War in 2012, Joanne Black examined the New Zealand Government response, and Thatcher’s relationship with New Zealand prime minister Robert Muldoon.


On the 30th anniversary of Thatcher’s Conservative government coming to power in 1979 former British Labour MP Bryan Gould in 2009 reviewed two books that assess Thatcher’s legacy. “Thatcher had a collection of largely conventional - and partly anachronistic - views, rather than the coherent and ground-breaking political philosophy often attributed to her.”

In the same issue, Guy Somerset looked at the reimagining of Thatcher as a comic character.


The UK front pages (via @suttonnick)

A revealing roundup of regional papers' front pages is here.


Daily Telegraph: “The outstanding peacetime leader of the 20th century” (the obituary is in ten parts).

Times: “Indomitable Prime Minister whose unswerving belief in free enterprise transformed the political and social landscape”

Independent (Andy McSmith): “The most divisive political leader of modern times”

Guardian (Anne Perkins): “A political phenomenon”

Daily Mail (Peter Oborne): “She will be held in honour for as long as English is spoken”

Sun (video): “Arguably the most relevant politician in this country since the end of the second world war”

Mirror: “Grocer's daughter who was fearless stateswoman but ruined communities”

New York Times (Joseph R Gregory): “Conservative who reforged Britain”

BBC (Nick Robinson): “one of the most influential political figures of the 20th Century”

Sky TV (Adam Boulton): “A transformative leader who reversed conventional wisdom that Great Britain's national decline was inevitable”

Reuters: “loved and loathed in equal measure”



Daily Telegraph: “The woman who made Britain great again”

Times: “A woman of simple truths”

Guardian: “Her legacy is public division, private selfishness and a cult of greed that together shackle the human spirit”

Independent: “Margaret Thatcher ruled – and she divided”

New York Times: “The passage of time has drained much of the old anger and left behind her record of accomplishments”

Global Times, China: "Thatcher left UK and China a mixed legacy"

The BBC has a roundup of world media opinion here


And then there’s

When Paul Holmes met Margaret Thatcher.

• A deliberately disrespectful cartoon from the Guardian’s Steve Bell.

• Glenn Greenwald on “misapplied death etiquette”

• Buzzfeed has compiled “21 incredibly angry songs about Margaret Thatcher”.

• Billy Bragg’s take.

• An acute prophecy from last year: “What Twitter will look like when Margaret Thatcher dies”.

• Thatcher’s role in the invention of soft-serve ice-cream, and other little-known facts.

• A guide to Thatcher for One Direction fans.

• Russell Brand's column on growing up in Thatcher's Britain is winning much acclaim.
• And two publishers made the same, slightly awkward typo (both via Twitter):

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