Marmite on toast recipe divides web-chefs

by Toby Manhire / 05 June, 2013
Simple instructions for that home-cooking favourite delight some, enrage others.
The recipe was posted on the BBC Good Food website a couple of years ago, but has come to wider attention thanks to circulation on the blogosphere in recent weeks.

The acclaim is deserved.

Submitted by member Benno, the “Marmite on toast” recipe comes accompanied by a profoundly unappetising photograph, and reads, in full:

put bread in toaster

get out butter and Marmite

get toast out of toaster when done

spread butter on toast

spread Marmite on toast

serve with bay leaf (optional)

eat it

Better still are the comments beneath.

A selection:

This is a recipe my mother handed down to me, I've always been reluctant to do it as I was nervous it wouldn't taste as good as hers... no need for me to worry, turned out perfectly Thank You so much for bringing back some childhood memories.


I loved this, but my husband absolutely hated it! Oh well. Anyone know if this recipe is suitable for freezing?


I have made marmite on toast before and used various recipes from friends and family, but to no avail. As soon as she tasted this particular batch everything changed! We have been so close this week and are now trying for another child. I think it was the bay leaf. Thanks so much


I'm really keen to try this recipe but am having difficulty getting the bread into the toaster. Should I slice it first? Thank you!


Being the busy mum of 15 kids that I am, I decided that I was going to batch cook this recipe and freeze for the weeks ahead. I am very pleased that we have private dental care as I now have many kids with broken teeth. PLEASE PLEASE do not batch cook and freeze. Frozen toast with marmite and teeth DO NOT MIX. Such a shame, this recipe would have got 5 stars. :(


I used a microwave instead of a toaster. It didn't work. Sorry, but not all of us are lucky enough to have specialist kitchen equipment on hand. I'm certainly not going to go out and buy a toaster for one recipe.


As I'm on quite a strict diet I thought I'd try a more healthy alternative - so I ditched the toaster and steamed the bread instead! I also decided to use some lovely rapseed oil instead of butter. I looked for some reduced salt Marmite - but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere (anyone got any suggestions?). Why didn't I replace the bread with something far healthier (and tastier!) like rice crackers? Well, I wanted to try and stay as true as I could to the original recipe! Anyway - the result, needless to say, was delicious!


I would love to try this recipe, but would have to leave out the marmite, as unfortunately where I live the shops do not stock this item.


Can anyone tell me if these measurements are imperial or metric???? I hate it when they assume things in these recipes- we're not all masterchefs you know!


I used a fork to spread the marmite, absolute DISASTER. Please list CLEAR instructions.


Wow! as a busy Mum of 10 children under 10 who still can find a few hours in the day to surf the net I appreciate recipes like this. I just want to know if anyone has made it in a slow cooker, and increased the amounts. Also, if I don't have any bread can I just substitute flour and water?

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