Mortal Fire bookseller discussion podcast

by Guy Somerset / 14 June, 2013
'This book just blew my socks off.'
Spoiler alert ... spoiler alert ... spoiler alert

Our final Book Club choice and so our final Book Club bookseller discussion podcast. Allow me a moment while I wipe away a tear.

Right, I've pulled myself together now, so on we go. Nice to end on a high,  with everyone agreed about what a great novel Elizabeth Knox's Mortal Fire (Gecko, $29.99) is - for young adults and not-so-young adults alike.

Joining me for the podcast are Sheila Sinclair, of The Children's Bookshop in Christchurch; Sheila Chrysostomou, of Page & Blackmore Booksellers in Nelson; and Liz Gillett, of Vic Books in Wellington.

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