"Pakeha Party" launched - a new voice for non-racism

by Toby Manhire / 09 July, 2013
And what could be more non-racist than mangling the English language?
The non-racist "Pakeha Party" begins, as is de rigueur for non-racist political movements, with a Facebook page. Soon we'll be calling it the Pakeha Spring.

The Non-Racist Pakeha Spring.

As the person running the page - which is illustrated with a non-racist image of James Cook's Endeavour - repeatedly insists, they're not racist. Not Racist.

For example:

We are NOT a racist party - this party is for those who want to move on together into the future as one people.

Oh, and this:

I wouldn't even know what racism was if the Maori didn't keep bleeding on about it. What? Am I racist because I have a small white dog instead of a big black one?

Coverage of the new non-racist party meanwhile sparks this non-racist post:

Media are ALL over this now - if we get portrayed as a racist party then they haven't looked at it closely enough. Brace Yourselves NZ!

Which in turn attracts non-racist comments from non-racist supporters such as this:

yea fuck what anyone else thinks if there can be a moari party an it not be racist then why can't we have one this country is so fucked

And this:

Some Marries are the biggest hypocrites. That's the problem

An appeal for T-shirt slogan ideas sees a healthy burst of non-racist brainstorming. Including "everything will be all white".

To which the non-racist Pakeha Party replies: "racist but lol".

And if anyone should doubt that the Pakeha Party is not racist, just look at their name: it's in Maori, as they point out. Take that.

Moreover, the non-racism is made abundantly clear in the slogan atop the non-racist Facebook page, which displays disdain for colonialism by flipping the bird at the English language:

"If the Maori get it, we want it to!" Yeah! But want it to what? The missing word, almost certainly, is "thrive".

Update, 5.30pm: Duncan Garner spoke to one party co-founder this afternoon on RadioLive, prompting a bizarre  response from the other founder.


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