Quick Bytes: including a fireman saving a kitten

by Fiona Rae / 05 October, 2013
Go on, you know you want to.
GO, PRO: GoPro cameras are the small, rugged HD cameras used by the likes of Kevin Biggar, Jamie Fitzgerald and Bear Grylls. Unsurprisingly, GoPro has its own YouTube channel to show off how close they get to the action. Most of the videos are sophisticated sports films, but here’s violinist Lidia Baich in Vienna. Or how about the sweetest thing ever, Fireman Saves Kitten:

BEER O’CLOCK: Yeah, all right, it’s a stunt for a well-known beer company, but a practical joke in which a bunch of Kiwi blokes plumb their mate’s house with beer has the ring of Kiwi ingenuity and it has been viewed more than three million times on YouTube:

HASHTAG TIMBERLAKE: We think we like Justin Timberlake’s acting and comedy more than his music: he was rather good in The Social Network, and he doesn’t mind looking like an idiot for spoof songs like Dick in Box. He appeared every Tuesday in September on his good mate Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show – it all started with The Evolution of End Zone Dancing. Here’s a skit for the Twitter generation about what it would be like if we all spoke in hashtags:

MAP OF THE iOS ART: Sometimes technology creates unintended random beauty, like these pictures of glitches in the Apple Maps app. Stockholm software engineer Peder Norrby discovered the broken landscapes while using the app’s 3D views and created a Flickr account called mapglitch. They look like something out of a graphic novel.

THE GATES OF PERCEPTION: Bill Gates recently participated in a fascinating Q&A at Harvard University to launch a fundraising campaign. He discusses dropping out of Harvard, the beginnings of Microsoft, his involvement in the early Mac era and how Control-Alt-Delete “was a mistake”:

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