Quick bytes: including No Woman, No Drive

by The Listener / 05 November, 2013
Also featuring Lou Reed, a tribute to Ron Swanson, and two surly Spocks.
DRIVE, JUST DRIVE: New Zealand has been ranked seventh out of 136 countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2013. Saudi Arabia? 127th. Here’s one of the reasons: women aren’t allowed to drive. One Saudi cleric even claimed recently (like, this year, not 1862) that if women drive they’ll damage their ovaries. Which is why this video from Saudi comedian Hisham Fageeh is pretty funny.

TRANSFORMER: The influence of musician and songwriter Lou Reed stretches from 1964 to today and his work with the Velvet Underground and on solo albums such as Transformer and Rock and Roll Heart will forever inspire. The internet is stuffed with tributes since his death last week, of course, but we like pitchfork.com’s collection of grainy videos. The Guardian’s neat “a life in pictures” collection is here.

RON SWANSON, A TRIBUTE: Nick Offerman’s gun-totin’, meat-eatin’, woodworkin’, anti-government creation Ron Swanson is just one of the reasons we love Parks and Recreation (Four, Monday, 9.55pm). Another is that Lucy Lawless is his girlfriend. Here are some classic Ron Swansonisms. There’s more: Ron Swanson has inspired a whole craft industry, from hand-tooled leather notebook covers to coffee mugs.

AUDI HERE: Oh, advertising. You make us happy and sad at the same time. Some genius has put Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto – old and young Spock – together in a car ad in which they trash-talk each other, swear and quote Star Trek. Also, Nimoy sings The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins:

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