Quick Bytes: including ten Christmas life hacks

by Fiona Rae / 13 December, 2013
Great if you want your gifts to smell like Doritos.
SEASONS HACKING: Christmas is so stressful, isn’t it? Here are some handy life-hack tips that will make the season go easier, especially if you want your gifts to smell like Doritos:

GO TEAM: The video for Royals, the massive hit song by our cover star Lorde, depicted a kind-of barren teenage wasteland  –  Albany, probably  –  and her new video for follow-up single Team continues the theme, with Lorde presiding over a group of underdogs in an abandoned building. It was directed by American Alex Takacs, who has worked with the xx among others, and filmed at Brooklyn’s crumbling Red Hook Grain Terminal:

MARRY US, KIM: Kim Dotcom has certainly been an, ah, interesting addition to the New Zealand landscape, and now an online petition would like to formalise our relationship. Sign up if you want Kim Dotcom to change his name to Kim Dotcodotnz: letsmakehimkimdotcodotnz.co.nz. But if his party wins seats in Parliament next year, does that mean he’ll have to change it again to Kim Dotgovtdotnz?

THEY CALL THEM THE DOWNTON DOGS: Downton Abbey’s dog Isis has become a favourite, but why stop there? A set of pictures on the Guardian website (taken from Etsy) depicts some of the characters as dogs and cats: the Dowager Countess becomes a sphynx cat, Bates a bulldog, etc. There appears to be no animal equivalent for the Earl of Grantham, Robert Crawley. Bonkers.

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