Quick Bytes: including The Almighty Johnsons web series

by Fiona Rae / 24 November, 2013
Gods Among Us; new season TV; and Shona Laing.
ALMIGHTY ZEBISODES: It’s unclear if there will be a fourth season of local series The Almighty Johnsons; perhaps it will depend on the US reaction when the series debuts on SyFy next year. In the meantime, and possibly with an eye on the US market, there’s Gods Among Us, an excellent web series presented by Axl’s mate Zeb (Hayden Frost) and featuring appearances from the Johnson brothers:

CAMERAPHONING IT IN: Smartphones are pretty much the one-stop device for everything, and in particular are rapidly replacing low-end cameras. In this Guardian video, photography expert Dan Rubin reviews the cameras in four new smartphones:

SEASONS TURN TURN TURN: The TV networks launched their new seasons recently amid the shock news that MediaWorks’ deal with Fox has collapsed, with the loss of the likes of Homeland, The Simpsons and Modern Family. On the local front, TV1 has a new set of Kiwi dramatisations in the pipeline and TV2 has a new comedy-drama called Step Dave. Our picks from overseas include British crime drama Broadchurch, starring David Tennant and Olivia Coleman; the Australian Secrets & Lies, starring Martin Henderson, and Upper Middle Bogan, starring Robyn Malcolm; and fun sci-fi US series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and Almost Human, the JJ Abrams’s show, that features Karl Urban:

HAVING A CALVINBALL: Crowd-funding has brought us everything from movies to desk calendars. Director Joel Schroeder’s documentary about the beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes was a far-off dream until Kickstarter came along in 2009, and now Dear Mr Watterson has been screening at film festivals around the US:

1905-2013: Some of us may remember seeing 17-year-old Shona Laing singing 1905 on talent show New Faces. This year, she was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame after a career of top 10 hits and a stint with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Kiwi music website Audio Culture has an excellent backgrounder, featuring photos, tracks and videos.

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