Quick Bytes: including the Bad Lip Reader

by Fiona Rae / 30 October, 2013
Mark Mitchinson is a sad prog-rocker in a caravan.
PIHA, THE WEB SERIES: Funding, schmunding. High Road is a local web series written and directed for zilch by Piha resident Justin Harwood. Happily, he is neighbours with the brilliant Mark Mitchinson, currently playing the worst psychiatrist ever in Nothing Trivial. Mitchinson plays washed-up progressive rocker Terry Huffer, who runs a tiny radio station in a caravan at Piha:

THE PACIFIC WAY: On the other hand, funding can be good! NZ On Air’s digital fund has stumped up for the likes of web series Hook Ups; The Factory; and Woodville. Now there’s website thecoconet.tv, a portal of Pasifika information.

BACK TO THE FUTURE: The best movie of all time was made like a futuristic noir, so how about this actual noir reimagining of Blade Runner. Ridley Scott is working on a sequel to his 1982 classic; this fansite has all the goss.

THE LIPS HAVE IT: No one knows the identity of the Bad Lip Reader, but his (he has been identified as male; Rolling Stone met him anonymously in 2012) genius spoofs during the 2011 presidential race are now legendary. He’s back to doing TV shows. His latest is Game of Thrones imagined as a medieval fun park. The Walking Dead spoof from May is pretty good too.

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