Seaside divorce rates, miners in Chelsea, and toilet injuries

by Toby Manhire / 09 January, 2013
Demographic morsels from the UK and US.
Shock census result shows NZ population of 11 large people.

New Zealand’s rescheduled census is now less than two months away, but lovers of demographic data can whet their appetites with a look at the recent UK results.

The key findings from the 2011 census of England and Wales can be found here, but BBC News Online has looked beyond the major headlines to find a bunch of intriguing tidbits.

Such as:

• Blackpool has the highest divorce rate in the country – across the board, for some reason, seaside resorts rank higher in divorcee numbers.

• The highest counts of singles is in the north London suburb Islington.

• More people in London's posh borough of Kensington and Chelsea describe themselves as working in mining and quarrying than in Gateshead.

• Blaenau Gwent in southeast Wales has the lowest per-capita passport count.

• Norwich is the least religious city.

• Hoity-toity home county South Buckinghamshire has the highest number of cars per household, with more than 5% owning more than four of the things.

More morsels from the US come in the form of the Statistical Abstract of the United States. Among the snippets from the compendium (not a census), first published in 1878, that caught the New York Times’s attention:

• More people suffer injury on toilets than while skiing or snowboarding.

• More households have dogs than cats. But cat lovers are more likely to have multiple pets.

• More foreigners visited New York (9.3 million) than any other US city (Los Angeles is second with 3.7 million).

• The number of Americans eating peanuts is on the rise.

• The number drinking coffee is declining.

• Airport security agents confiscated 11,908 box cutters from travellers in 2007.

• Almost twice as many Americans belong to a fantasy sports league as book clubs.

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