Sir Paul Holmes: Words for life

by The Listener / 08 February, 2013
In January 2012 the Listener asked Paul Holmes what advice he would give to his younger twenty-something self. This is what he wrote.
Be good to people on the way up. You never know when you'll need them on the way down. In any case, being kind to people is better than being mean. What goes around comes around.

Be impatient, but patient, too.

Learn to take good advice.

Learn from others.

Learn from the whole world.

Travel until you lose yourself.

Find yourself broke, hungover and friendless in a foreign city and learn how to survive.

Don't sweat the little stuff.

Be positive.

Live every day to the max. Sixty comes around fast. Next thing you know is you've only got 10 or 15 summers left.

You can't see it now but life goes very quickly. And the older you get, the more quickly it goes.

And you only get one life.

What a beautiful gift it is.

Photo/Jane Ussher

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