Summer on the radio

by Toby Manhire / 08 January, 2013
An evocative inhouse ad at Radio Live.
While listening to Glenn Williams’ excellent year-in-review show on Radio Live yesterday afternoon, I was struck by an in-house promo.

The ad is not unusual in its construction – a voiceover, some hosts’ remarks, some newsreader announcements, spliced together. But what a story it tells. It needed to be written down.

I went back and listened again. It goes like this (each new line indicates a new voice):

- This summer, you'll find entertaining talk, and news as it happens, right here, 24/7.

- Breakfast.

- I’m happy if I’ve got a project. You know, if I’ve got something so sort of get into, something that’s taking me forward, or what have you.

- And just to hand, police investigating the homicide ...

- Talkback.

- Do we really have to be perfect and try and reach our potential? Can’t we just cruise?

- A mountain-runner was found battered and bruised ...

- Night-time talk.

- That the name of her company comes from some old belief that when a woman pleasures herself, God kills a little kitten.

- A scene examination has been carried out after a Bay of Plenty stabbing ...

- Radio Live - for this summer’s most entertaining news and talk, as it happens.
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