Talent2 burn: a taste of the Novopay provider’s website

by Toby Manhire / 24 March, 2013
Ten tragicomic glimpses of the embattled payroll company’s home online.
All smiles: the front page of the Talent2 website.



As the Novopay Technical Review is published exposing the intrinsic wobbliness of the whole system – see Ben Gracewood’s account here – we look to the website of the payroll provider’s parent company, the Australia-based Talent2.

Here are some examples. Warning: may cause upset and involuntary retching.

1. “We’re about people who don’t just go to work, but love their work. People who don’t just do a job, but live their role as an expression of who they are. People who are not just productive, but who achieve extraordinary results daily.”

2. “For many, moving away from 'the way we've always done things' toward cutting-edge, forward-looking technology requires a giant step into unfamiliar territory.”

3. “Talent2’s payroll solution is easy to implement, efficient and low cost to run, risk free, offers you the peace of mind of local support and a disaster recovery back up!”

4. “You are guaranteed best in class HR and Payroll service. Just ask the 1.2 million client employees in Asia Pacific that we currently manage.”

5. “At Talent2, we are immersed in your market every day. We know what your people want, what motivates them and how changes in our greater market influence these individual wants and needs. We proactively stay ahead of these changes, and are constantly working to ensure that our organisation is ready and available to share our deep market knowledge with you.”

6. “Service continuity and secure payroll processing is paramount throughout transition to the Talent2 application; and on an ongoing basis. We employ stringent measures across all processes and IT functions to ensure the highest level of risk management at all times, under any circumstances.”

7. “We are about people to the power of 2. People to the power of 2 means people who are inspired, flourishing and happy; people who love their role and live it as an expression of who they are; people who achieve extraordinary results; people who fulfil themselves and their dreams; people who lead extraordinary lives and help the organisations they work for to thrive. We are about people to the power of 2.”

8. “At Talent2 we multiply the power and productivity of people by putting people first. We are 100% focussed on people. Attracting the best people, paying and incentivising people, training and developing people. We help people in organisations to be happy, self-expressed and fulfilled. We attract, manage, develop and motivate people to fulfil roles and embody organisations perfectly ... Not everyone needs to be a superstar, but everyone is empowered when they feel valued, happy, self-expressed and fulfilled. Talent2 is about fit-for-purpose.”






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