The five stupidest tweets by politicians

by Toby Manhire / 03 July, 2013
The best of the dimmest Twitter efforts, including Sarah Palin and Anthony Weiner.
An ineffably wonderful cockup in a tweet by a Conservative MP last week - see below - is as good a reason as any for a compilation: the stupidest Twitter efforts by the politicians of the world. (Only in English, sorry.)

1. Sarah Palin in 2010 was feeling inventive.

Easy mistake to make. And easily remedied, too: compare yourself to some old playwright.

2. The most titanically stupid political post of all time is almost certainly that by US congressman Anthony Weiner, who in 2011 tweeted a picture of his, well - by name and by nature.

Avert your gaze if you're easily offended or made to vomit.

And to what distant corner of the political world has Weiner since been expelled? At time of writing, he's the frontrunner in the election for New York City mayor.

3. Scottish Labour hopeful Stuart MacLennan was given the boot following as series of abusive tweets such as this.


4. There's something sort of sweet about this effort by UK shadow chancellor Ed Balls. His tweet of simply his own name was not a tribute to the "Matt Damon" of Team America. More likely it was just Balls mucking up a search of his own name, and tweeting it instead.

It attracted thousands of retweets, and gave rise to something rather strange and wonderful: Ed Balls Day.

5. The latest and possibly best example of the form comes from the UK Conservative MP for South West Bedfordshire, Andrew Selous. He swiftly deleted the message, which welcomed his government's crackdown on beneficiaries, but not before he was made a laughing stock.

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