Crossword 1015 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 24 February, 2017

 Across  Answers and Clues Explanations
5 Replica  
  Copy I wrapped in a sort of parcel (7) I included in anagram of PARCEL
8 Ranger  
  Park worker telephoned the Queen (6) Telephoned = RANG, the Queen ER
9 Spigot  
  Tap dancing to pigs (6) Anagram of TO PIGS
10 Mudflap  
  Slander then agitate a fixture behind the wheel of the truck (7) Slander = MUD, agitate = FLAP
11 Appeared  
  Seemed to have imitated eating fruit (8) imitated = APED including fruit = PEAR
12 Abroad  
  A woman in a foreign?country (6) woman = BROAD (American slang)
13 Interior angle  
  Corner inside fish (8,5) inside = INTERIOR, fish (verb) = ANGLE
16 Inbred  
  Produced by loving relations, it is fashionable broiled without canola for example (6) fashionable = IN, broiled minus oil = BRED
18 Famously  
  Very well, as is well known (8) Double definition
21 Timpani  
  Mr Finn with cooking vessel and I make percussion instruments (7) Mr Finn = TIM, cooking vessel = PAN, + I
22 Shades  
  Sunglasses said to be Hugh's? (6) Homophone of HUES as definition
23 Foodie  
  Enemy holds nothing against CIB officer being a gastronome (6) Enemy = FOE, nothing = O, CIB officer = DI
24 Toughen.  
  Make it harder but not huge somehow (7) Anagram of NOT HUGE.
 Down  Answers and Clues Explanations
1 Wrap up  
  Finish off raw stew, dog (4,2) Anagram of RAW + dog = PUP
2 Winter  
  Succeed with short term stay for a while midyear (6) Succeed = WIN, short term = TER (Winter here is given as a verb, as in "we wintered in Canada")
3 Antler  
  Rental organisation provides a horn for a buck (6) Anagram of RENTAL
4 Seaplane  
  Consult about a design for an aircraft unable to land? (8) Consult = SEE, a design = A PLAN
6 Pigment  
  Colouring matter made by dissolving gem in about 570 mL of fluid (7) Anagram of GEM inside PINT
7 Armed conflict  
  War involved flaccid men? Rot! (5,8) Anagram of FLACID MEN ROT
8 Radiata  
  Arid, surprisingly, with rata being topped for a non-native pine (7) Anagram of ARID + rata topped = ATA
13 Ignition  
  Getting a spark on gin and it I concocted (8) Anagram of ON GIN IT I
14 Red tape  
  Revolutionary recording of a bureaucratic procedure (3,4) Revolutionary = RED, recording = TAPE
15 Goulash  
  Oh, a slug, cooked in a stew seasoned with paprika (7) Anagram of OH A SLUG
17 Remedy  
  Prepared, having put me in place of a fix (6) Prepared = READY with ME replacing the A
19 Museum  
  Exploit having parent outside Te Papa (6) Exploit = USE, parent = MUM
20 Lie-ins.  
  Dishonesty ? terrible sin ? with overuse of beds (3-3) Dishonesty = LIE + anagram of SIN.
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