Crossword 1027 answers and explanations

by David Tossman / 16 May, 2017

 Across  Answers and Clues Explanations
7 Avarice  
  I crave a novel deadly sin (7) Anagram of I CRAVE A
9 Moose  
  Deer is sort of sweet they say (5) Homophone for MOUSSE
10 Custom-made  
  It's crazy wearing costume redesigned and tailored for just one person (6-4) crazy = MAD, wearing = container indicator for anagram of COSTUME
11 Deep  
  From this side, epic poetry is somewhat unfathomable (4) Hidden word
12 Draw in  
  Attract medical worker with a top score (4,2) medicaal worker = DR + a top score = A WIN
14 Chaplain  
  Tea without milk or sugar for the minister (8) Tea = CHA, without milk or sugar = PLAIN
15 Mitten  
  German with the usual number of fingers makes something to keep them warm (6) with in German = MIT, the usual number of fingers = TEN
16 Wastes  
  Cook sweats producing fritters (6) Anagram of SWEATS
19 Acid test  
  The most rigorous appraisal of the new cat's diet (4,4) Anagram of CATS DIET
21 Kidnap  
  Snatch a little sleep when getting a grip on deoxyribonucleic acid in brief (6) a little sleep = KIP including DNA
23 Pisa  
  Where inclination to building is apparent in fortified village (4) IS inside fortified village = PA
24 Chain store  
  Where to get links? Briscoes for example (5,5) Double definition
26 Means  
  Intends to provide the wherewithal (5) Double definition
27 Oversee.  
  Write poetry during one's years outside New Zealand then do a management job (7) poetry = VERSE, years outside New Zealand = OE.
 Down  Answers and Clues Explanations
1 Valuer  
  Unravel tangle, lacking name of one doing an appraisal (6) Anagram of UNRAVEL minus N (name)
2 Daft  
  The district attorney goes on foot around the bend (4) district attorney = DA, foot = FT
3 Rematch  
  Male in the car arranged a game with the same contestants (7) Male = M inside anagram of THE CAR
4 Amoeba  
  A doctor and English graduate is a spineless little creep (6) A doctor = MO, English = E, graduate = BA
5 Gold-plated  
  Old pet glad to be treated, given a valuable coat (4-6) Anagram of OLD PET GLAD
6 Genetics  
  The study of chromosomes gets nice squiggles (8) Anagram of GETS NICE
8 Immense  
  One millimetre seen somehow to be huge (7) One millimetre = IMM + anagram of SEEN
13 Withdrawal  
  Retirement the result of a slip at the bank (10) Double definition
15 Machismo  
  Well-known brand of hamburger on that fellow's moustache shows virility (8) Well-known brand of hamburger = MAC, that fellow's = HIS, moustache = MO
17 Askance  
  The kind of look you might give someone whipping up a snack with Ecstasy (7) Anagram of A SNACK + Ecstasy = E
18 Ethanol  
  Arrange an hotel to supply some alcohol (7) Anagram of AN HOTEL
20 Excuse  
  Pardon previous audible prompts (6) previous = EX, audible = homophone indicator, prompts = CUES
22 Agreed  
  A sinful vice fitted in very well (6) A + sinful vice = GREED
25 Tusk.  
  You and me in Te Kuiti briefly reveal part of an ivory tower perhaps (4) You and me = US, Te Kuiti briefly = TK.
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