The April issue of North & South
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The April issue of North & South
On sale now

Force to be reckoned with

Mark Scott investigates an extraordinary case in Napier that highlights concerns over the firepower of our supposedly unarmed police force.

The brain gain

Can a normal but ageing brain be rewired to function more efficiently? Margo White talks to a science writer who put that theory to the test. PLUS an update on two groundbreaking New Zealand research projects.

Wild horses

Once a year, horse lovers are given access to army land at Waiouru to see Kaimanawa horses running free. Nicola Edmonds went along for the ride.

Purple reign

The Kiwi blackcurrant is being hailed globally as the fat-burning, performance-boosting superfood of 2017. Donna-Marie Lever looks at the science beyond the hype.

Mussel power

Forty years ago, a bearded mollusc became one of our first commercial “superfoods”. Joanna Wane meets the mussel man.

Are your Saturdays yellow?

A kind of cross-wiring in the brain has some people hearing shapes, tasting numbers or even seeing time. Kate Evans dives into the weird world of synaesthesia.

Also in North & South this month:

Margo White ponders the future of ethical protein eating; Jenny Nicholls looks at the crushing workload of those on the health frontlines; Phil Gifford pays tribute to the wonderfully weird well of America’s southern sound; Travel to India’s Varanasi for a heartwarming “story about a boy”, plus dip into some tall tales from Greytown. And more!


House lending restrictions hit investors
69944 2017-03-28 16:35:14Z Property

House lending restrictions hit investors

by Patrick O'Meara

Loans to investors fell to $1.15 billion in February - 35 percent down on a year earlier - following new house lending restrictions.

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Seeing red: What to do about red-light runners
68984 2017-03-28 00:00:00Z Social issues

Seeing red: What to do about red-light runners

by Sarah Lang

Red-light runners bring out the nark in Sarah Lang. But dobbing in offenders, she argues, just might save a life.

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Nobody home: Playing the blame-game over Auckland's housing crisis
69495 2017-03-28 00:00:00Z Property

Nobody home: Playing the blame-game over Auckland'…

by Virginia Larson

The government not only refused to admit housing was a crisis, it tried to smear the pig with lipstick and call it a “problem of success".

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Density done well: Q&A with economist Shamubeel Eaqub
Is menstrual suppression the solution to period pain?
69711 2017-03-28 00:00:00Z Health

Is menstrual suppression the solution to period pa…

by Ruth Nichol

As a feminist, Tara Forde has always tried to be “period positive” – to celebrate menstruation as normal, natural and healthy, but after years of pain

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