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Retrain your fat cells

Advice about fat is changing, and now an obesity expert is telling us to throw out our calorie counters. Donna Chisholm explores the new thinking.

The calorie myth

Harvard endocrinologist David Ludwig explains why traditional diets and the “energy in versus energy out” mantra doesn’t always work.

The good doctor

Dr Ron Jones boldly takes on the revisionists in his final, fighting words to Chris Barton on the “unfortunate experiment” at National Women’s Hospital.

Annus horribilis

In an extract from his new book Doctors in Denial, Ron Jones reflects on the worst year of his life.

Go home stay home

The slow torture of spending six months on home detention, for growing a handful of marijuana plants, as summer comes in.

First in folk

Dunedin singer Nadia Reid has the international music scene in a spin. Roy Colbert meets the woman born with a golden voice.

Seeing red

Red-light runners bring out the nark in Sarah Lang – and dobbing them in doesn’t make her feel guilty at all.

Last legs

New Zealand’s black stilt is on the verge of extinction, yet efforts to save the species are being undermined by a lack of funding. Mike White asks why.

The ones that got away

Toronto-based Kathleen Drumm rubs shoulders with the stars at one of the world’s biggest film festivals.


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Phil Gifford on the Kiwi stars making country music cool; Jenny Nicholls talks to Joan, 100, whose wits, humour and health are still firmly intact; Margo White asks where the “pantsuit rebellion” went wrong; Mike White visits Twizel and finds the town that wasn’t meant to survive is now booming; and how to make smart, sustainable and delicious seafood choices. And more!