September 30, 2017

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Power produce

The new king of superfoods, James Wong, reveals the basic science tricks of how to get the best nutrients out of vegetables. by Nicky Pellegrino

Chemical imbalance

Alarmist headlines and a lack of scientific literacy have created public anxiety about chemicals, never mind that everything on Earth is made of them. by Jacqueline Rowarth

The business of conquest

The 200-year story of Britain’s domination of India is anything but romantic, says former UN Under-Secretary-General and YouTube sensation Shashi Tharoor. by Sally Blundell

Joining the dots

Listener writer Diana Wichtel’s search for traces of the father she had not seen for more than 50 years turned up far more detail than she had expected. by Russell Baillie

Out of pocket

Creditors should be better off when our insolvency laws are eventually changed, putting liquidators under greater scrutiny. by Jonathan Underhill


This Life

Health The Duchess of Cambridge, enduring her third bout of morning sickness, is raising awareness of a debilitating condition. by Nicky Pellegrino

Nutrition The debate over which salmon – farmed or wild – is healthier is far from simple. by Jennifer Bowden

Food For an easy dinner that’s enjoyed by young and old, tasty fritters are hard to beat. by Lauraine Jacobs

Wine Villa Maria’s current releases are consistently good quality and well-priced. by Michael Cooper

Psychology People’s attitudes to discrimination and prejudice usually stem from their childhood. by Marc Wilson

Technology The iPhone X is expensive, all right. Is it worth it? by Peter Griffin

Sport High-profile sports stars are taking a stand against racism and homophobia. by Paul Thomas


Books & Culture

Unchained Melanie

More than 20 years after her debut as that scowling schoolgirl in Heavenly Creatures, it’s Melanie Lynskey’s turn to play a Christchurch mother with a teenage daughter. by Diana Wichtel

Books Novels by Salman Rushdie, Annaleese Jochems and John le Carré, a memoir by Maggie O’Farrell, and a young readers’ round-up

Music The Clean and Neil Finn’s new album

Film I Am Not Your Negro and mother!




Letters Plus Caption Competition, Quips & Quotes, Life in NZ and 10 Quick Questions

Bulletin from Abroad Anna Fifield in Tokyo

Back to Black Joanne Black

Politics Jane Clifton

Life Bill Ralston

The Good Life Greg Dixon



Diversions & Puzzles

Wordsworth Gabe Atkinson


That’s Entertainment

Television Fiona Rae

TV Films Fiona Rae

TV Review Diana Wichtel

Radio Fiona Rae

TV programmes

Radio programmes


The 20 Best Movies of 2017
85197 2017-12-15 11:49:48Z Movies

The 20 Best Movies of 2017

by The Listener

Listener reviewers James Robins and Peter Calder pick the best films they’ve seen in the past year.

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Win a double pass to The Post
85156 2017-12-15 09:53:04Z Win

Win a double pass to The Post

by The Listener

Be in to win tickets to a preview screening of The Post in either Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.

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Why did TVNZ's Mike Hosking and Toni Street call it quits?
85153 2017-12-15 07:18:32Z Television

Why did TVNZ's Mike Hosking and Toni Street call i…

by Colin Peacock

TVNZ insists the pair want to spend more time with families and radio jobs. What's next for a show that's often in the news because of its hosts?

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National claims government accounts show big hole
85149 2017-12-15 06:32:15Z Politics

National claims government accounts show big hole

by Chris Bramwell

National says the opening of the government books yesterday backs up its argument that Labour has a massive hole in its accounts.

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Donald Dux: An extraordinary year of President Trump
84715 2017-12-15 00:00:00Z World

Donald Dux: An extraordinary year of President Tru…

by Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas has chronicled the Trump presidency since its beginning and reviews the extraordinary year since The Donald entered the White House.

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Former punk Kody Nielson is heading in a new direction
84445 2017-12-15 00:00:00Z Music

Former punk Kody Nielson is heading in a new direc…

by James Belfield

But it’s no less entertaining.

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The 10 Best Tech Gadgets of 2017
85128 2017-12-15 00:00:00Z Technology

The 10 Best Tech Gadgets of 2017

by Peter Griffin

A round-up of the best and grooviest gadgets from 2017 and previews of top tech tempters for the new year.

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Cervical-cancer screening tests are about to change
84383 2017-12-15 00:00:00Z Health

Cervical-cancer screening tests are about to chang…

by Nicky Pellegrino

Cervical-cancer screening tests have been helping to save lives for more than 25 years. Now the focus of the tests is going to change.

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